4G+ LTE Data Packs & Services


Cellcom was the first mobile operator in Liberia to launch a 4G network in May 2012. In another milestone, Cellcom was again the first mobile operator to launch a 4G+ LTE network in April 2016.

Cellcom 4G+ LTE operates on 1800Mhz (Band 3).  Only 1800Mhz devices (smartphones, modems, etc) will work on Cellcom 4G+ network.
Cellcom offers a wide range of data packs to cater for the various needs of its subscribers. Whatever you are “Internet addict” or “budget conscious” subscriber, you will find a data packs that suits your needs. 
Please note that unless a subscriber buys/activate a 4G data packs, he/she when browsing, will be charged the Out of Bundle/Pay As You Go price of 12cent $ or 10LD per MB. 15% GST wil be applied to these prices. 
For any information on 4G data packs you can also dial *474# on your phone and follow the message prompts. 
To check your data balance dial *124# or *475# on your phone. 

For smartphones and other 4G and 4G+ LTE devices visit the store section on this website.
With most of the 4G data packs, subscribers have the additional benefit of being able to rollover unused data, voice and SMS when purchasing a new 4G data pack before the expiration date of their existing 4G data  pack. 



4G Data Transfer Service
Cellcom’s data transfer service allows 4G subscribers to transfer data FREE OF CHARGE.

It’s easy and fast. It's exclusive to Cellcom!

How does it work?
Dial *272*[recipient phone number]*[amount of MB]*#
For Example:  
*272*0777000123*1000#     Will transfer 1,000 MB (1GB) to recipient number 0777000123.
For more information on 4G data transfer service dial *272# and <send> from your phone.

Only the 4G data packs mentionned in the table below are allowed to make data transfers. 

           Data transfer table

To download the 4G Data Transfer service full Terms & Conditions click here