The Cellcom Story

In the Beginning

Cellcom launched its commercial services in Liberia during November 2004. There were 3 operators in the market at the time. Prices were extremely high. SIM Cards were sold for $65.00, while scratch cards were sold for a minimum of $15.00 with 30 days validity. If customers did not recharge, SIM Cards were blocked and customers had to pay $10.00 to unblock the SIM Card and purchase another $15.00 scratch card. Only business and wealthy customers had access to mobile services. Ordinary Liberians could not afford mobile phones.

Bold, Brave and Determined

Cellcom changed that. We were brave, bold and determined to break the monopoly that existed in the Liberian market. Cellcom entered the market providing SIM cards for $12.00 with $15.00 credit in them.

Moving Forward with No Fear

Cellular communication became available to the masses. Many Liberians joined and explored with us.

Hope for the Future

Cellcom entered the market with the slogan “The Future is Here“. At a post-war time when many Liberians struggled to feed their families, Cellcom gave hope.

We encouraged Liberians to believe in tomorrow. The environment experience change and soon everyone could afford a cell phone, thanks to Cellcom.

Cellcom changed people’s lives.